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Physio Dynamics provides a holistic approach towards treating injuries, aches and pain. We are redefining how patients see Physiotherapist and vice versa. Our motto is to prevent, rehab and enhance through the Physiotherapy experience.
When you walk through the door, our elite physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. It is our utmost passion to design the most effective and individualized management program to optimize your recovery and performance. Our physiotherapists only use hands-on treatment and exercise therapy to manage the wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions that present to Physio Dynamics. Physio Dynamics believe that you want to and should empower life to the fullest without restraints. We respect your drive in living the better you and we are here to support your goals without limitations.


  • Yao-Lee Seow Foong (Mrs)
    “My recovery was long drawn, and I could not have learnt to walk comfortably again without the encouragement and skills of Ms Khoo. It was my first experience with a physiotherapist, and I am glad Ms Khoo’s personable approach eased my anxieties and pain.”
    Yao-Lee Seow Foong (Mrs)
  • Shane Chong
    “Throughout my therapy sessions after ACL reconstruction, Shin Jiun has epitomize professionalism, providing reachable but tough milestones, her constant sharp eyes ensure that I had execute stretches and exercises accurately. I have also noticed she has also gone the extra mile by not merely understanding each patient but has designed programs that are suitable to the uniqueness of each patients’ lifestyle.”
    Shane Chong