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  • Physiotherapy Assessment
    • Subjective and objective assessments carried out in order to investigate and diagnose the condition.
  • Manual Therapy
    • Hands on techniques which are used to diagnosed and treat soft tissue tightness and joint structures stiffness. The goal is to modulate pain, reducing inflammation, improve range of motion and facilitate movements, hence restore functionality.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Hand on techniques on muscles, ligaments, fascias and scar tissues in order to optimize muscle function.
  • Static and Motion Biomechanical Analysis
    • Static and dynamic postural assessment to ascertain functional movements and ability to self-correct, in order to achieve neutral alignment.
  • Pre-screening Assessments for Injury Prevention and Performance
    • Subjective and objective screening to identify any musculoskeletal conditions and to determine one’s ability to perform the physical activity or sports. Customized conditioning training program can be prescribed accordingly.
  • Therapeutic Exercises
    • Customised therapeutic exercises prescribed according to the physiotherapy assessment. The exercises may include self- mobilization, strengthening, stretching, proprioceptive training etc.
  • Athletic Taping
    • Rigid and kinesiology taping have roles of limiting joint instability and enhancing proprioceptive feedbacks from the limb or joint.
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitative program according to clinical guidelines and individual progression prescribed in order to ensure best functional outcome after surgery.
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Return to sports strength and conditioning
  • Postural Assessment

    • Static and dynamic postural assessment during work.

  • Office Environment Assessment
    • Lighting and temperature assessment in the office.
  • Sharing Session About Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Sharing Session About Physical Health Awareness
  • On Site Physiotherapy Coverage
    • Providing field side physiotherapy assessment and management to ensure performance of athletes and injury prevention during trainings and games.
  • Door Step Physiotherapy Assessment and Management
  • Home Environment and Ergonomic Assessment